Rasht City

Rasht is the biggest Gilaki-spoken and the most populated city in north of Iran located in a plain area as the capital of Gilan province. Gilan is the biggest coastal area in south of Caspian Sea and a mecca for tourists.

Rasht has a moderate climate with hot summers and cold winters and thanks to high precipitation it is called city of silver rains.

The city is called the city of firsts as well. The first 24/7 drugstore in Iran, the first House for Disabled and Elderly Hospice, the first bus, the first national hospital, the first national library and many other first cultural, artistic and literary centres were established in Rasht.

Rasht joined UNESCO creative city network in 2015 and it is considered as UNESCO creative city of gastronomy.

Today, Rasht is one of centres for agriculture, tourism and even steel industry. The city is one of the main regions of producing rice in Iran.

2nd January is chosen and registered by people and Rasht Municipality as “Rasht Day” since 2014 and it follows lots of entertaining programmes.

Rasht is also ambitious to be chosen as the city of White Nights and in so doing some plans have been suggested by Provincial Governor of Gilan and Urban Management Department.

The city has a long list of well-known international figures such as Dr. Mohammad Moin, Professor Behzad, Professor Akbarzadeh, Professor Reza and Professor Samii.

Translator: Canaan Ramezan Nia 
Address: Central Building, Imam Khomeini Boulevard, Next to Housing Foundation, Rasht Municipality
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