Different kinds of bread

Kholfa or Keshta Bread:

125 gr                  Wheat flour

125 gr                  Rice flour 

125 gr                  boiled pumpkin

2 cup                    water

50 gr                      sugar

2 tsp                       salt

4 tsp                       coriander seed

 First, all ingredients should be mixed till the dough is formed into a big ball. Then, the big dough ball should be divided into small ones. Next, the small dough balls should be flattened with a rolling pin  onto a hot Gamaj (local clay cauldron in the local vernacular.). The dough will be doubled in size. The bread should be kept in a white clean cloth to avoid being dried.

Kolba Bread, Panje-Kesh Bread, Lavash Bread:

All these kinds of these bread, Lavash, Bai Digi (Pot bread) and KoulbaiZoghali (Charcoal bread) are baked using the same dough while their baking processes are different. The differences come from various additives such as rose water, cinnamon, and orange flower that can be added in different amounts of your choice as well. 

Lavash Bread or Grout:

1000 gr flour

4 tsp liquid dough

2 cup water

4 cup yogurt

4 cup honey

4 cup liquid butter

1 cup sugar

2 tsp cinnamon

2 cup orange flower

First, the flour should be added to the bowl and mixed with other ingredients mentioned before. They should be kneaded gently and the dough should be rested for a couple of hours. Then, the dough is divided into three parts. One part of the dough will be flattened using a rolling pin and put into underground tonir (clay oven) and that is how Lavash is made.

Bai Digi (Pan bread) is baked by adding turmeric and cinnamon to the dough in a pan and then let it to be doubled in size. Then it should be left to be baked gently on an oven.

KoulbaiZoghali(Charcoal bread) is made by putting the flattened dough on the ashes and then a pan should be put on the dough with the ashes over it to be baked from above and below. 

Written and translated: Canaan Ramezan Nia 
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